“Beyond the human code”


The group “ne I” consists of two identities,
2046 & Erik Sikora.
Despite the fact that they played together for a while already it all seemed as a matter of coincidence.
But one fine day, there was concert.
Concert in the Benzinka gallery called “The concert on the roof”.
It turned out to be more then satisfying, the better highly pleasing to both of them and so they decided to work together as a single entity
the “ne I”.

The concept

ne I searches uncommon approaches in the natural conditions. It’s production stands on the basis of the conceptual shifts on it’s own way of discovering new principles. It strives not to touch same thing twice.
Within the concerting framework it plays solely live and avoids any kind of pattern or style memorizing, apart from it’s/their own natural selves. The fundamental sound sources were so far: The kitchen, bike, child voice, Theremin, cracks of all kinds, Piano, and all the possible sound toys and software it finds.
ne I focuses particularly on the work with the concrete locations and creates peculiar multimedia projects elevating potential and variability of local sources. The next chain link of it’s work is the collaboration with other artists, no matter from which field they come, namely:  Eva Krátká, Viktor Takáč, Radim Radim, Vlado Micenko, Martin ZGRND Tomori, Janek Rous, Michal Pustějovský, Petra Hrůzová, Michal Matějka, Markéta Cilečková, George Cremaschi and others.

2046, Erik